Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Return!

Yesterday the RET family was given the opportunity to get together and share how our experience has changed our teaching. Though some of the stories were unexpected, I came away motivated to try even harder to incorporate what I learned this summer. After spending the evening looking through the curriculum for ideal spots, I think I will add a PBL project to my unit on intermolecular forces (late December) and then another later in the year when we talk about reactions (I may try to bring our automotive department in on this).

It was also nice to share ideas with my peers. I am already trying to plan a STEM breakfast with my department head (based on Jessica's story) and am looking into how to better utilize our LabQuest data acquisition systems. I am already looking forward to our next callback!

From a personal point of view, teaching at Newton North has been amazing. I am constantly challenged on an intellectual level and forced to bring my A-game. There are things that I miss about English High, but this is a very different learning environment and I enjoy the change.

I have updated my website with the presentation I gave yesterday, please feel free to take a look and drop me a line!